Jill Jones says doctors, along with other overworked and demoralised health professionals, are paying the price for cuts; Stephen Smith says the wellbeing of medical staff is treated with indifference; John Hurdley senses a return to the ‘bad old days’; Dr A Sen Mukherjee offers support; and Martyn Thomas suggests legal action

Those of us with friends and relatives working as doctors in the NHS will have experienced no surprise on reading your article about the treatment of junior doctors (Doctor reveals ‘petty tortures’ that force colleagues to restrict their private lives, 29 March). We witness first-hand the toll that working in the NHS takes on their lives.

Along with the shocking situations described in the article, we know from personal accounts that the following are commonplace: 12-hour shifts with no break; demand for the doctor’s attendance at two life-or-death crises at the same moment; having to stay with a patient for two extra hours at the end of a 12-hour shift because there is no one to hand the patient over to. Plus, of course, they work nights and weekends on a regular basis. All this in a profession where if you make a mistake it could mean a patient dies.

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