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Several years ago a journalist from the Oldham Evening Chronicle (Letters, 18 February) interviewed a group of female heads of voluntary sector organisations for International Women’s Day. Having given my name, I was asked: “Is that Miss or Mrs?” Answering “Ms”, I was told: “The Chronicle does not use the term ‘Ms’.” An elderly lady in the group who’d previously given her title as Mrs then shot back: “Actually, I’m a Ms too!” I don’t remember the article – possibly it was deemed unpublishable due to our extreme titling demands.
Danielle Lowy

• Your article (Huge rise in number of people admitted to hospital with eating disorders, 16 February) could imply that this is a condition solely of young girls and women influenced by social media. Many men are affected as adults following histories of severe OCD and underlying problems sometimes linked to being on the autistic spectrum. Such men live often in misery and isolation.
Jane Ghosh

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