Two frank solo shows, East Belfast Boy and Every Day I Wake Up Hopeful, depict male crises with heart, humour and techno

Saggy and shuffling, his dressing gown flapping over a middle-aged spread, Malachy is in garrulous confessional mode. His sofa has become an analyst’s couch. This is to be his final reckoning, we realise. Depression has taken a firm hold.

Simon O’Gorman brings rueful charm to the role of this solitary man in Every Day I Wake Up Hopeful (★★★★☆). It is one of two solo works about male mental health, presented as companion pieces on an extensive cross-border tour of Ireland by Belfast’s Prime Cut Productions, who had a hit in 2016 with Stacey Gregg’s Scorch, in which a teenager grappled with gender identity.

Prime Cut’s double bill is touring until 20 February.

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