Years after your death, I still think of the young woman who needed help from the psychiatric department where I worked

Never again will I see you drunk and distressed in the emergency department. And that is sad, because while you were suffering you were alive, and while you were alive there was hope. I don’t want to walk up the corridor to another drunk girl who’s self-harmed and it not be you. But I know I will never see you again.

I first met you when you were in your late teens. I was employed in an eating disorder unit, an undergraduate psychology student charged with distracting 12 young people from the distress of their full bellies after meals. You had arrived with anorexia and were in the advanced stages of starvation, having survived a cardiac arrest. No one was sure if you would live, but you were determined. You recovered to the point of enrolling at university, from where you wrote to me saying you were excited about your course. That was the last I heard for years.

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