Kevin Donovan and David Murray on privatisation, an anonymous correspondent on mental health services, Serena Wylde on the limits of the NHS’s remit, and Sotirios Hatjoullis on Aneurin Bevan’s contribution

What are we celebrating (The NHS at 70, Journal, 2 July)? There is no national health service in England. It has been replaced by 44 local “footprints” which, over the course of their recent existence, have changed the acronyms and euphemisms in their title on an irregular and confusing basis. After “sustainability and transformation” (STP) there was “accountable care”, then “integrated care”, and “place-based care”. The complete obfuscation was accompanied by changes from “partnership” to “plan” to “organisation” to “system”.

The Cheshire and Merseyside “partnership board” meets in Liverpool this Wednesday. Speakers include the “independent chair” of the region’s footprint. He is paid £150,000 for two days a week. On the other three days he earns his crust from a consultancy advising local bodies on how to implement “sustainability”. Another speaker will be NHS England’s “national director in charge of catalysing integrated care”, who announced to the Health Service Journal...

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