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The world’s most talked-about rapper is bracingly honest about his mental health struggles – though his attitude towards women still needs work

It seems a strange thing to say about an album premiered at a globally live-streamed exclusive playback that involved flying journalists and “influencers” to the mountain ranges of Wyoming – an event with its own merchandise range, including a long-sleeved T-shirt that retails for $145 – but there is something curiously low-key about Kanye West’s new album. At least by Kanye West’s standards.

It is neither a bold stylistic statement in the vein of 808s and Heartbreak (from 2008) or Yeezus (2013), nor a sprawling address along the lines of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or ye’s immediate predecessor, The Life of Pablo. Its seven tracks – none of them an obvious hit single – clock in at a trim 23 minutes. Its cover was apparently snapped by West on his phone en route to the launch. Neither of the curious, attention-grabbing singles that preceded it are included, though the lyrical concerns of Ye vs the People are peppered throughout – you hear quite a lot about how no one fully understands the genius-level thought...

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