Guru Bob Roth, who numbers Katy Perry and Hugh Jackman among his fans, is to set up a TM project in London schools

He studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Beatles’ spiritual guru, and claims comedian Jerry Seinfeld, actor Hugh Jackman and designer Stella McCartney as fans. Now America’s most successful contemporary exponent of transcendental meditation is bringing his message to Britain.

Bob Roth’s new book, Strength in Stillness, is published this week and his promotional tour will bring him to Britain on 26 February. And Seinfeld, Jackman and McCartney are all set to host book launches – for free – in New York and London.

The technique involves twice-daily 20-minute sessions. A teacher gives students a personal mantra – a word or sound that has meaning associated with it – and they learn how to “think” it, silently. It differs from more recent mindfulness techniques in that there’s no pushing away thoughts, counting breaths, monitoring sensations, or visualising. It doesn’t require sitting in any particular position; practitioners simply sit comfortably in a chair, at home, at work, on a train, in the park – wherever they feel comfortable. They say it is designed to be 100%...

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