My world was rocked at the age of 12 – but my extraordinary English teacher helped me through it. Now we’re reconnecting

I was 12 years old, and my mum had just died from cancer. It was horrific to watch that happen to someone. My dad had an alcohol problem that mum had been managing all these years – suddenly he had a good reason to drink, and no one to stop him any more. He hit the bottle hard.

I went from being quite a high achieving student to being in the bottom quarter for English. But among all this, there was my English teacher, Miss Ward, who was so supportive. She wasn’t trained in mental health: she just saw someone who was distressed and unhappy, but who also had potential. She changed my world.

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Dear, lovely people of Twitter - Miss Ward HAS BEEN FOUND!!

Thanks to social media - a load of emails and an old school style letter we’ve exchanged some emails and we’ll be meeting up soon

She wishes to remain anonymous & I’ll respect that

Thank you Twitter!!

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