I’ve been sectioned and know plenty of ‘nutters’ but none is a bombastic bully like Trump. Politics and psychiatry don’t mix

There is no question that Donald Trump makes many people, myself included, profoundly uncomfortable. His politics are repulsive enough, but it’s more the way he conducts himself personally. Above all, it’s the apparent belief that he can bulldoze his version of reality through clear evidence to the contrary – that, a year on from his inauguration, has many still struggling to process the fact that this man is US president. Those of us who have been diagnosed with mental health problems face an additional head-twister.

We are repeatedly told by friends and colleagues and commentators in the media that the man is “barking”, a certified “nutter”, a “lunatic”, and any number of other choice terms used to describe the tribe of which I am officially a member. For I am indeed a certified nutter. I have been sectioned, and it doesn’t get more certified than that.

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