Brexit negotiations, counselling and who’s actually heard of the 2017 word of the year dominate today’s comments

Readers have been discussing the latest on the EU27 summit, as well as the benefits of counselling and Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year: youthquake.

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This is the tragedy and the black comedy at the same time, isn’t it - May and her cabinet, after 18 months, have not even discussed a preferred outcome or direction for Brexit.

Logically, there can be no talk of negotiation all this time if there is no clear goal towards which you’re negotiating.

That was the first of these articles on loneliness that clicked with me at all, thank you, Sachin. The one thing I know about loneliness, and which this article makes clear, is that companionship needs to be incidental, not just taken like medicine.

And that’s why Men’s Sheds work - you don’t go there to be friends with the others because you haven’t any friends yourself, you go there for the workbench and the tools and to make things. And once there, you become...

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