Readers reacted to Emma Freud’s article on regret with emotion, humour and a deep sense of introspection

Regrets: we’ve all had a few. When Guardian columnist Emma Freud explored themes of regret spoken about on social media – with “devastating honesty” – we received thousands of responses in the comments.

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Not telling my husband more often when he was alive just how much I loved him. I mean, he absolutely knew, but however often I tell it to his photo now, it's hardly the same.

Hurting my wife when I had a stupid affair with a girl way younger than me.I was completely thick and thought what I had was not enough,I very nearly lost everything.Its taken me 10 years to regain my wifes trust and for her to not want to kill me for the hurt I caused her.
i have 2 children who are now adults I would never have that bond or love that I have now if I"d left.I've ended up with a loving family which I had along.1 friend pointed me in the right direction.

The night I screamed "You're a piece of shit" to the only man I ever loved, and probably the only one who ever loved me. I was just drowning in personal...

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