Rose Meade’s daughter killed herself while awaiting psychiatric treatment, Ruth Lewis says the health secretary is incompetence, and Amanda Eames says patients do not want seven-day GP services

Michele Hanson’s piece about the frustration of waiting has a special resonance for me (A certain age, G2, 29 August). Less than two years ago, my daughter sought help for her feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts, and was assessed under the Mental Health Act. They sent her home with the promise of further psychiatric treatment, date to be arranged. After a couple of weeks, she rang the mental health team to ask how long she might expect to wait. There was no response, and a few days later she killed herself. Compare this to Michele’s experience in A&E. It’s not how long you wait, it’s whether you are kept informed.

As a grieving parent, I don’t want to start another charitable trust, or seek financial compensation; that won’t bring my daughter back. I just want Jeremy Hunt – who had the gall to write about better standards of care in Monday’s Guardian (Stephen Hawking is wrong about our NHS plans, 28 August) – to recognise that the NHS should be available for people when they are...

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